Do I need to wear a face covering on the bus?

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Safeguard Buses' Cleaning Regime

Our buses are professionally cleaned during the day and night and we’re working hard to keep you safe.

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Tickets & Payment

Paying for tickets
When you get on the bus tell the driver where you want to go and you can use your contactless credit or debit card card by touching it on the validator or by paying the driver in cash. It is helpful if you have your money ready even if you don’t know the exact fare as it speeds the journey up for everyone. The driver will give change if necessary but may find it difficult to provide change for a large note. If you have purchased a mobile ticket then show this to the driver before going into the bus.

Different ticket types
Buying a day return will save you money compared with paying twice. If you travel regularly you could consider buying a period ticket as these offer big discounts and are more convenient than individual, pay as you go, fares. Weekly tickets are available from the driver and can also be purchased online as well as 4-weekly tickets, for ticket download direct to your mobile ‘phone. For details of all our ticket types and prices look at our Fares Page.

If you are not sure which ticket solution is best, please contact us to discuss your travelling needs and we can advise you.


Don’t have the right money for your fare?
You may not be sure how much your fare will be. We’re happy to give change but if you have the right money it will make the going easier.

If you travel regularly you might wish to buy a period ticket which avoids the need to pay the driver each day and offers big discounts compared with pay as you go fares. Buy online or from the driver with cash or contactless payment.

Ticket retention
You need to retain your ticket as proof of payment in case we carry out a ticket inspection during the journey. When you get off the bus please take your ticket with you or dispose of it in the bins provided thus keeping our buses tidy for their next journey! If you are using a mobile phone ticket it is vital that the phone’s battery is sufficient to display your ticket at any time during your journey with us.

Tickets are not transferable between customers.

Rail PlusBus Tickets
We do not accept PlusBus tickets on our routes. However, you may wish to consider purchasing our day return or period tickets, which are all cheaper than the PlusBus equivalent ticket.

South Downs National Park Discovery Tickets
We do issue and accept Discovery tickets. For more information please go to the Discovery Ticket site.

Mobile Tickets

Buying a Mobile Ticket
You can purchase online any of our Day, Week or 4 Week tickets and use a credit/debit card or PayPal for payment.


Child Fares

Under 5 yrs:
Up to two children under the age of 5 are carried free with an adult fare paying or concessionary passenger.

5-16 yrs:
Between the ages of 5-16yrs (up to 17th birthday) children pay £1.00 for a single fare or £1.50 for a return fare.

If you look older than you are, we advise you to carry a proof of age document (Citizen card etc).

Concessionary Travel

Pensioners & Registered Disabled
Pensioners and disabled people are eligible for a concessionary bus pass allowing free travel after 0930 hours on weekdays and all day at weekends and Public Holidays or for Service 18 Only after 0900 hours. Please apply for a bus pass at your local Council offices. Then all you need to do is show the pass to the driver, state where you want to go to and you will be issued a free of charge ticket.

Up to 0930 hours on Mondays to Fridays, concessionary bus pass holders can travel on our buses for a flat fare of £1.50 per single journey.

Concessionary travel for visitors to Guildford
We accept English Concessionary Bus Passes wherever they are issued plus London Freedom Passes. We do not accept the Scottish and Welsh equivalents.

On the Bus

Is it easy to get on and off your buses?
Our buses are very modern and are all designed for easy access. The bus can be lowered to make access easier – just indicate to the driver if lowering the step would help you.

I am unsteady on my feet. Will the driver give me time to sit down before moving off?
Our drivers are trained to give all customers time to sit down in the nearest available seat before moving off. If you are particularly concerned, please just mention to the driver that you might need a little more time than most and he/she will be glad to wait until you are seated.

I use a wheelchair, can I travel on the bus?
Our buses are very modern and are all designed for easy access. This allows access for wheelchairs – the bus suspension can be lowered and a ramp deployed to make access easier. Each bus can accommodate one wheelchair so if it is already occupied the driver may ask you to wait for the next bus. If the bus is occupied with buggies the driver will ask that the buggies be moved to allow you to use the wheelchair space.

You should park your wheelchair facing the rear of the bus with the back against the upright support and put the wheelchair handbrake on.

If you have a concessionary pass marked ‘+C’ a companion may also travel free of charge with you (note that you should be issued with two free tickets).

Motorised class 2 mobility scooters can be carried on the bus provided you have a Scooter Permit and subject to space being available but we regret that the larger class 3 scooters cannot be carried. If in doubt, please call us on 01483 561103 for advice.

Can I bring my buggy on the bus?
All of our buses provide for easy access for parents with buggies. There is an area where buggies can be parked which has tip up seats alongside. If the buggy area is full the driver may ask you to fold your buggy or wait for the next bus. If someone in a wheelchair needs to use the buggy area the driver may ask you to move down the bus, folding your buggy if necessary. In all cases, no more than two unfolded buggies can be carried on any of our buses.

Can I bring my dog on the bus?
Working dogs may travel at any time. Other dogs will be carried at the discretion of the driver. No charges are made for dogs.

Can I bring my bicycle on the bus?
No, unless you have a small folding cycle and there is space for it to be safely stowed and it doesn’t cause an obstruction.

Is smoking or vaping allowed on the bus?
No. Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces and this includes all our buses and many bus shelters. As a courtesy to all our customers, we do not allow vaping on our buses.

Can I use my personal stereo and my mobile phone?
Yes, but please respect that others on the bus may not be so keen to know about your personal business or have your same taste in music.

What about my safety on the bus?
Travel by bus is one of the safest modes of travel around, and research proves that people feel secure. You will be in the care of a professional driver who is fully qualified to the latest standards and very experienced. Furthermore, our buses are all fitted with CCTV systems.

How do I use your free WiFi?
When you are on one of our buses make sure that you have WiFi enabled on your phone and choose the SAFEGUARDFREEWIFI option. Your email address is required to login to the wifi system.

What do I do when I want to get off the bus?
When you want to get off press the bell once before you reach your stop so the driver can stop safely. For your comfort and safety try to remain seated until the bus stops. Please note that our drivers are not allowed to drop passengers off except at bus stops.

Can I take bulky items or paint on the bus?
You can take bulky items at the driver’s discretion as long as they do not block the gangway. Flammable liquids and paint cannot be taken on the bus, for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

I’ve lost something on the bus – what can I do about it?
Please always check you have all your personal belongings before getting off the bus. However, if you think you may have left something behind please call our office on 01483 561103 during office hours and we will try to trace your property and reunite you with it but we cannot be held responsible for any item left on our vehicles. It helps considerably if you can provide accurate details of the bus journey on which you think you lost it on.

Items found on our buses will generally be kept for a month unless they are perishable in which case they will be kept for 24 hours only.

General Information

Where can I find information on disruptions to your service?
We aim to provide a totally reliable service. However, things sometimes go wrong so in the event of disruption, particularly when caused by bad weather, we will try to advise customers via Twitter. Otherwise please call our office on 01483 561103 and we will try and help.

My journey was not up to your usual standard – what should I do?
If anything goes wrong with your journey, we really would like to know. Please get in touch with us through the Contact page on this website or call 01483 561103 during office hours and talk to one of our staff.

How do I make a comment or suggestion?
We are always pleased to hear from our customers. Please use Contact Us or call 01483 561103 during office hours and talk to one of our staff.

Where can I get information about other bus routes in Guildford or elsewhere?
For all information about bus routes in Guildford and elsewhere in Surrey visit Surrey County Council or Traveline.

There’s a question that I need answering that isn’t here

Just email us at or call us on 01483 561103 and we will answer any question you have about travelling on our buses.

What should I do if I am interested in working for you?

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