Click here to view our new Monday – Friday Route 4 & 5 timetable

Click here to view our new Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Route 4 & 5 timetable

From Saturday, 21st April 2018, we will be running with our new timetable, which incorporates the following key timings and route changes:

Monday to Friday Services:

  • Full Route 4 –  Guildford Town Centre – Woodbridge Hill – Park Barn – Hospital – Guildford Town Centre, every 15 minutes until 1255hrs, then every 10 minutes until 1855hrs
  • Full Route 5 – Guildford Town Centre – Hospital – Park Barn – Woodbridge Hill – Guildford Town Centre, every 10 minutes until 1237 hrs, then every 15 minutes until 1852hrs
  • AM Peak journey extensions to the Research Park roundabout will be discontinued to help reliability for the majority of customers (those travelling to the Research Park will now have to alight at the Hospital)
  • Dedicated ‘Hospital Only Service’ will be discontinued 
  • Full Route 4 and Full Route 5 journeys will operate until 2055/2040hrs at approx. 20/30-minute intervals
  • Extra 4/5 journeys – Town Centre – Park Barn out & back via Woodbridge Hill (the current 4A) will run every 30 minutes from 2110 to 2310 hours

Saturday Services:

  • Buses will continue to run every 15 minutes on both routes; because of  this actual times will sometimes be different from Mondays to Fridays service
  • Full 4’s & 5’s will run until approx. 2100hrs creating more journey opportunities in the early evening
  • Slightly later final departures from the Hospital to Guildford Town Centre  (2115hrs instead of the current 2101hrs) and from Town to Park Barn (2310hrs instead of 2300hrs)

Sunday & Bank Holiday Services:

  • Full Routes 4 and 5 journeys will operate every 20 minutes until 1800hrs
  • Short 4/5 journeys – Town Centre – Park Barn out & back via Woodbridge Hill (the current 4A) will run every 30 minutes from 1810 to 2210 hours & numbered 4/5
  • Last Sunday departure now 2210hrs instead of 2230hrs

We will continue running a special , reduced service on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day & Easter Sunday. Times may be revised.

5 Key Benefits

We see 5 key benefits that this new timetable will give customers:

1. It aims to make our bus services simpler to understand and more reliable than at present. We know that a reliable service is key to retaining and winning new customers. It also assists our drivers and managers by reducing lateness, customer complaints and the need to intervene to regulate the service.

2. It increases frequency along Southway/Aldershot Road by 50% to every 10 minutes at important times as well as adding 2 buses per hour in Park Barn.

3. It increases frequencies of Route 4 & Route 5 buses at peak times to encourage new customers to use the bus.

4. It will address the issue of Hospital to Town Centre unreliability caused by alternate buses approaching from different places.

5. It will help customers by removing the confusion of alternate Route 5’s terminating at the Hospital or going on to Park Barn